Exam P/1 Recap

This is the second in an ongoing series of posts regarding exams.

Resources I Used:

  • The Infinite Actuary
  • ASM
  • Hassett and Stewart’s Probability for Risk Management

Total Study Hours: 165.5

How I Studied:

Having essentially no background in statistics or probability, I wanted to gain a good base understanding of the material, so I read chapters 1 through 11 of Hassett and Stewart’s probability manual and worked all odd-numbered problems.

I also read all of TIA’s Exam P slides and worked most of the section-end problems (all initially, then odd-numbered only as the exam date – and finals! – neared).

I read the slim ASM manual twice, and then it was on to practice exams: two TIA exams and a few ASM ones.

What I Liked:

Practice problems and TIA especially: I liked having groups of problems pertinent to each topic. Doing groups of problems together felt efficient to me, especially for challenging topics.

What I’d Do Differently:

Give myself more time! I signed up to take P three and a half months after taking FM, two weeks after a tough round of final exams, and one week after my brother’s wedding. And no, I didn’t have a strong math background.

Looking back, I would have felt far less stressed and more confident had I eased rather than rushed into the exam. I certainly studied hard and was pleased to pass but would remind others that taking exams is a marathon, not a sprint. Set realistic expectations for yourself.

Questions? Comments? Please reach out below.


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