Looking for actuarial resources? Check these out:

General Actuarial Resources

The Actuarial Startup — lots of general info an actuary-related topics

The Actuarial Playbook — “honest advice for the future actuary”

UVM Blog — a good overview of the entry-level field

Actuarial Eye — “an actuarial eye on the world”

Achieve Your Pinnacle — a free ebook / “career guide for actuaries”

Actuarial Outpost forum post with a compilation of entry-level actuarial job hunting tips

Advice to Beginning Actuarial Students

Exam Resources

Coaching Actuaries — online study materials

University of Chicago Actuarial Initiative — exam study resources and general info

A post from UC Santa-Barbara’s Actuarial Science Department on “how to prepare for actuarial exams”

Exam P/1

A free book! — preparation for Exam P/1

Mark’s Formula Sheet

Exam FM/2

CL’s Handy Formula Sheet

Miguel Arcones’ slides for FM (Binghampton University)

Exam MFE/3F

An MFE formula sheet from Duke

Exam MLC/3L

An MLC review book from Marcel Finan

Actuarial Mathematics and Life-Table Statistics by Eric Slud

A list of formulas “for actuarial mathematics courses”

Another formula sheet

A few sample problems… with solutions!

More problems (Actex excerpt)

Reading Lists

Actuarial Startup’s “Actuarial Bookshelf

Recommended Reading list for MFE students

Columbia MFE suggested reading list

Math & Technical Skills Resources

Excel VBA Tutor

Excel VBA Quick Reference from TechMentors

Free online math courses from MIT

Course on real analysis from Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College

I’ve found The Infinite Actuary’s “Technical Skills” course to be highly intuitive and useful.

Misc. Career & Professional Development Resources

Cal Newport’s Study Hacks — explores deep work and productivity

While targeted to humanities majors, this blog has relevant advice for any entry-level job-seeker. It helped me get my first job!

More resources are soon to come. Stay tuned.


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